July 14, 2020

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Odin Forex Robot is a Forex Expert Advisor that is marketed and sold by the ForexRobotTrader team. Odin Forex Robot is described as having a high level of trading accuracy, as evident on its sales page. Such high numbers often attract skepticism and maybe a part of an aggressive marketing strategy. ...read more


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Odin uses a fully automated grid trading strategy to find beautiful trades on your Forex charts. The forex robot that is dominating charts everywhere. Introducing Odin… ...read more


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Odin is a "robot" that's been designed by a Forex Robot Trader team. They even didn't try to convince us that the robot is something viable. We haven't seen any viable intel about 3rd-party verified trading results. To know more, please, read an Odin Robot Review. ...read more


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Proof that Odin Forex Robot is scam. Don't be a victim.Try our LAS VEGAS FOREX ROBOT for FREE and check the real results and if it's profitable. more info at ...read more



Odin Forex Robot Review: Is forexrobottrader.com Legit?

Odin Forex Robot is presented as a leading forex robot, an unrivaled expert advisor with brutal trading accuracy, designed to automatically earn you guaranteed daily profits, while you sit back and watch as your account grows. Odin has made $165,176 in the past month, and over $1,606,651 so far this year. Although this might sound … Odin Forex Robot Review Read More » ...read more


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The forex robot that is dominating charts everywhere. Introducing Odin: an unrivaled expert advisor with brutal trading accuracy Truly elite performance. Odin is currently the #1 choice of professionals using expert advisors in 2021. See Trades So Far In January December 2020 Trades November 2020 Trades October 2020 Trades September 2020 Trades Below Some […] ...read more


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Introducing Forex Odin Expert Advisor: an unrivaled expert advisor with unbelievable trading accuracy. Odin finds great forex trades using a reliable grid trading strategy. Every price movement on your charts has smaller movements inside. Plotting each movement against a grid reveals predictable patterns. ...read more


Odin Forex Robot | Odin Forex Robot review

17-01-2020 · How Odin Forex Robot Works. The forex robot has been designed to perform the grid strategy that allows checking charts in real-time to find the best points to get in and out. As well, the fx robot has a feature that keeps brokerage companies from trading against you providing protection of your trading information. ...read more


Odin Forex Robot Review

Volatility Forex Robot ...read more


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Odin Forex Robot Fully Automatic MT4 . $199.00 $129.00. Free Forex Robot Fully Automatic MT4. $49.00 $0.00. You're saving $119.00! $248.00. Total: $129.00. 2. Secure payment. Credit Card Paypal NAME ON CARD. CARD NUMBER. EXPIRES. CVV EMAIL. ADDRESS. By continuing, I acknowledge that I have read ...read more


PACKED SCAM: Forex Robot Trader (FRT) review

23-02-2019 · Hi, Has anyone ever bought an EA from FRT Robots (Steinitz). I am looking at buying Odin. The reason I ask is that they do not offer refund if it is ...read more


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11-09-2020 · The Odin Forex Robot also has a feature called Broker Shield which aims to protect the trader’s information from shady brokers. This tool also comes with fully optimized settings which are very easy to use even for beginners. However, some traders who have used this robot advise that traders should at least have a little experience regarding ...read more


Odin Forex Review - is odincapital.com scam or good forex

Odin Robot EA . Odin Forex Robot dominates charts everywhere. Odin finds great forex trades using a reliable grid trading strategy. Every price movement on your charts has smaller movements inside of it. Plotting each movement against a grid reveals predictable patterns. Odin takes these patterns and analyzes them for future probability. ...read more


Forex Odin Expert Advisor

01-10-2020 · Vader Forex Robot, Ganon Forex Robot Odin Forex Robot or Forex Fury V3 I would love to try them out.. Thank you. and enjoy these bots.. [/CITAZIONE] Arygold ,,, have you tried robotron v28 ?? have you tried fury v3 in demo or real you can put some screenshots here ?? this Robotron v28 ,,, ...read more


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27-09-2017 · Odin Forex not matching advertised results. So far, Odin has not matched the results posted on their web page. Clearly the install config and what they're using are different. Numerous requests to update/correct my config have only been met with what appear to be pro-forma boilerplate responses - even telling me I need to buy more robots from them. ...read more


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Odin Forex Robot is a robot that was designed by an FRT company that has a scam reputation among the traders. It performs a Grid on a Trend strategy. The vendor shared with us results that look fake and a fraud manipulation. ...read more


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I bought the odin robot without knowing his capability, and without knowing any info from this EA robot. After i bought it, i start to looking in google about the feedback from the users that had use this before, and saw a lot of negative comments about it but nothing that support its negativeness or goodness. ...read more


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10-02-2021 · I've used it (Odin Forex robot) for various months until it blew the account- it made itself redundant an unusable. Their support says that I have the 'wrong' broker. I've selected multiple (at least 15) different brokers to test (the most known out there) and all shown terrible results - in fact none were able to replicate those results they are putting on their website. ...read more


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Odin EA Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor Forex Robot Trading Odin robot has been developed by ForexRobotTrader teams. We’ve written about this opaque company. So, let’s take a look at what we’re offered in Odin robot with a bear face. ...read more


Odin Forex Robot Review | Forex Academy

08-05-2016 · The best forex robots results table shows real time verified trading account performances of forex robots. You can view statistics & compare forex robot statistics to help you decide which is the best forex robot for you. The table includes links to my forex robots reviews and the official website of each forex robot for your convenience. ...read more


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Odin Forex Robot is a product owned by the Forex Robot Trader company which has released other robots too besides Odin. The first thing to catch your eye when you visit the website is those dazzling huge numbers that, either promise you riches, or start ringing red alert in your head. ...read more


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06-05-2020 · Provider Forex Robot Trader provides automated expert advisors for trading: Odin EA, Vader EA, Reaper EA, etc. Each of them independently studies the market and selects the most profitable deals. The system incorporates search, transaction, asset control, and data analysis algorithms. ...read more


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Vader Forex Robot ...read more


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14-06-2020 · Hi Forex Wiki Friends, ODIN EA V3.1 Description : The forex robot that is dominating charts everywhere. A legendary forex strategy meets our most intelligent code ever. Odin uses an advanced grid trading strategy to find beautiful forex trades automatically. Automated From Start To Finish Opens, manages, and closes the best trades for you. No […] ...read more